Application of multi-layer co-extrusion technology in pesticide bottle packaging


What is co-extrusion technology.

Co-extrusion technology is a method used in the manufacturing process in which two or more connected objects of different materials are arranged simultaneously to form a continuous product with multiple layers. The technology can find applications in plastics, food processing, cosmetics and more. Co-extrusion technology can create layers with different properties, such as strength, wear resistance, transparency, color, etc., so as to achieve multiple functions in a single product.

How is the structure for multi-layer using in pestcide bottles?

Depends on different product and requirement, it could be 4,5,6 layer.

Different structural forms for different product types

How to select barrier material?

The best choice is EVOH,compromise selection to be PA.
Here are the main characteristic for EVOH:       
• High gas barrier
Extremely low permeability to gases,particularly oxygen.
• Processability
With its excellent extrusion molding properties,EVAL is suitable for the 
following uses: film,co-extrusion molding 
• Oil resistance,resistance to organic solvents
Suitable for packaging for chemicals,including oils and organic solvents, 
and for wallpapers designed to be resistance to dirt.
• Aroma preservation
Preserves the aroma of products, and prevents contact with 
undesirable odors
• Printability
Excellent printing can be carried out,without requiring any special 

How to precision control the thickness of the layer by the machine?

In the process of multi-layer co-extrusion production, the machine can ensure the quality and efficiency of production through precise control of various parameters. The following are key techniques that the machine employs for precise control in multi-layer co-extrusion:
1.Temperature Control: Maintaining precise temperatures at the extrusion heads and outlets to ensure material flow and adhesion.
2.Pressure Control: Adjusting the pressures at the extrusion heads and within the extruder to ensure uniform material distribution and inter-layer adhesion.
3.Flow Control: Accurately controlling the material flow rate for each extrusion head to maintain consistent layer proportions and thickness.
4.Inter-layer Bonding Force Detection: Using sensors to detect inter-layer bonding forces, identifying poor bonding, and taking corrective measures.
5.Quick Material Change System: Enabling rapid switching between materials and colors to reduce downtime and ensure product consistency.
6.Motion Control: Utilizing advanced motion control systems to ensure precise positioning and movement of the extrusion heads.
7.Real-time Monitoring and Feedback: Equipped with sensors and monitoring systems to promptly identify and adjust production parameters, ensuring stable production quality.
These techniques work together to enable the machine to conduct efficient and stable multi-layer co-extrusion production, meeting production requirements in different scenarios, and enhancing both product quality and production efficiency.
Mold temperature at different speeds
The extrusion volume of different screws at different speeds

The black part of the bottle wall is the EVOH layer,we can maintain

equal thickness within 0.03-0.05mm for this layer.

Popular volume for the pesticide bottle package:

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