What is Accumulator Head Type Blow Molding Machine

The accumulator head type blow molding machine is an advanced plastic processing equipment widely used in the manufacturing of plastic containers and parts. This blog post will delve into the working principle, application areas, advantages, and the significance of this machine in the plastic industry.

The accumulator head type blow molding machine is an efficient processing equipment used for manufacturing plastic containers and parts. It operates by heating and extruding plastic pellets, which are then inflated and shaped through the application of air pressure. Compared to other types of blow molding machines, the accumulator head type offers unique features and advantages.

1.Working Principle:

At the core of the accumulator head type blow molding machine is the accumulator head, which consists of one or more containers that store and control the molten plastic during the heating, extrusion, and blowing processes. Firstly, plastic pellets are heated to a molten state and then pushed into the containers of the accumulator head through a screw. Once the required quantity of molten plastic is stored in the containers, the accumulator head extrudes it by applying air pressure, creating a cavity. Subsequently, the cavity is inflated by injecting air pressure, causing the plastic to expand and conform to the mold surface, ultimately forming the desired product shape.

2.Application Areas:

The accumulator head type blow molding machine finds wide applications in the manufacturing of plastic containers and parts, particularly for large-sized and complex products. For example, it is used for producing packaging containers for food and beverages, chemical containers, industrial buckets, automotive components, and more. Due to its high flexibility and customizability, the produced products can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.


The accumulator head type blow molding machine offers several advantages over other types of blow molding machines:

1.Ability to process high viscosity and high molecular weight plastic materials, suitable for manufacturing stronger and more durable products.

2.Larger shot capacity and extrusion capability, enabling the production of large-sized products.

3.Multilayer extrusion capability, producing composite materials with excellent physical and barrier properties.

4.High flexibility, allowing the production of various shapes and sizes of products to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

5.Intelligent control system, making the operation user-friendly and ensuring high production efficiency.

                                            VNK series introduction

Design with more stability performance,more applicability and easy of operation ,easy for maintenance .This series mainly produce big hollow products like water tank, Chemical tank,oil tank for Car,Tool-box,ice-box,storage barrel,flower-port.......

Machine adopt two -bar clamping system,more bigger space to ensure the big mould installation.Servo system for the whole machine and Parison control system with robot take out ,ensure the machine runs with low energy consumption and high output.


The accumulator head type blow molding machine is a crucial equipment in the plastic processing industry. Through its unique accumulator head and advanced working principle, it offers manufacturers efficient, flexible, and customizable production solutions. With ongoing technological advancements and innovations, the accumulator head type blow molding machine will continue to play a significant role in the manufacturing of plastic containers and parts, driving the plastic industry towards higher levels of development.
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